TapouT XT Complete Fitness Program with accessories

TapouT XT Complete Fitness Program with accessories

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Forget weights, pull-up bars and gym memberships! Pro trainer and MMA conditioning coach Mike Karpenko will lead you through the entire program, sweat drenching MMA style workouts in your home! Lose weight, build lean muscle and get ripped with TapouT XT. XT stands for Extreme Training. The TapouT XT home fitness workouts will challenge and inspire you while transforming your entire body.

A mixed martial arts (MMA) inspired workout program that will test your muscles and your mind. Mike combines MMA-style kicks and punches with intense cardio, strength, flexibility and core exercise into a unique combat style workout that will melt away pounds and take inches off your waist. You will be pushed to limits you never thought possible and shown the way to your very own TapouT body! Mike will get you motivated, show you how to push your body and get you the extreme results you are looking for. Come and Get It!

Your Program DVDs include:

1. Strength and Force Upper 
2. Plyo XT 
3. Cross Core Combat 
4. Competition Core 
5. Buns and Guns XT 
6. Sprawl and Brawl 
7. Muay Tai 
8. Ripped Conditioning 
9. Ultimate Abs XT 
10. Cardio XT 
11. Legs and Back 
12. Yoga XT 
13. Power Strike 
14. 5 Minute Knock Out 
15. Bonus DVD: Strike Training

Your free gifts:

- 10 day slim down plan
- Fitness Guide
- Food plan
- Workout Calendar
- TapouT XT Towel
- TapouT XT Decal / Sticker
- 3 Leg resistance bands - Red, Grey and Black 
- 1 Body resistance band + handles 
- BONUS 3 Pack Leg resistance bands included

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